Terms & Conditions

Terms And Conditions

  • Customer can not increase the speed more than 40 km while driving.

  • Customer needs to abide by all the traffic rules of the road.

  • Wearing helmet is mandatory while driving and more than 2 persons can not sit on the bike.

  • Bike should be parked in a specific space.

  • Authority will not be liable for any kind of accident.

  • If any parts of the bike gets damaged while the customer ==drives the vehicle then he needs to pay the whole compensation. (The price of the parts of the bike is enlisted)

  • Customer needs to provide the money of buying a bike if he loses the bike or the bike gets theft while it is under the surveillance of the customer

  • Customer needs to pay the cost within the beginning of the week.

  • If the customer wants to cancel the agreement he needs to inform bbike before 2 months.

  • If the customer feels any problem while driving the bike, he needs to inform the authority immediately.

  • Customer needs to solve the arising problem within two working days.

  • Customer needs to make the servicing from the certain servicing point directed by bike Ltd.

  • Authority can change the terms and conditions anytime they want to make.

  • Authority can cancel the agreement by giving previous notice to the customer.