Bike Rider


difficult roads simple with bBike

All roads are so busy but technology makes them so easy. Contact for the lowest cost. Just take your phone, tap the bBike app and select the location. Then start your enjoyable journey by bike

Who we are

All bike lovers who can use this bBike ride especially in tourist areas
like cox’s bazar and other natural places.


A person who travels from one place to another for pleasure, gather knowledge, and exploring something new.

Local People

The community living in the local area. The residents belong to the area where they live and the area they want to talk about.

Delivery issue

The online service provider who uses transportation for delivery issues.

Commercial Rental Service

The people who are working for the purpose of commercial services.

What do you need to know before rent bBike?

  • Passport(Tourist)
  • National ID Card(NID for Bangladeshi)
  • Driving License
  • People with a minimum age of 18+
  • Having a Driving License Can Ride Bikes.

Rules of bike renting

  • Not allowed to increase the speed of the bike more than 60km/hour.
  • All kinds of traffic rules should be maintained.
  • No permission to carry any illegal materials.
  • Bike should be parked at the fixed places.
  • Authority will not be responsible for any unexpected accident.
  • The rider must pay for damage after taking bike.
  • If the bike is lost or stolen after taking, the rider must give the full payment of the bike.
  • Authority can cancel the ride at any time as required.
  • The authority can change any condition at any time as required.

We have flexible pricing.
Choose your plan:

Ride and enjoy biking

Cox’s Bazar

bBike Now


100 Tk

Take the bike with and ride as you want and bring the bike at the hub before 6PM

  • 1st hour 150 Tk and from 2nd hour 100 Tk
  • 1 hour free for 8 hour rent
  • Without fuel


Coming soon

bBike Keep


200 Tk

Keep the bike at your space and go anywhere you want with the bike 

  • 1 day free for 6 days rent
  • Free garage support
  • Our support will help 24/7


Coming soon

bBike Rider


1,200 Tk

Busy day? Hire a rider and a bike. A good companion for day long wherever you go

  • 300 Tk discount for single ride
  • 100 Tk fuel free
  • Our support will help 24/7