Bike Partner

●Bike Partner

Renting a bike
is very easy

We are ready to make travel pleasant and relaxed. so, find a bike,

submit your document then get the bike.

The details of a risk free investing policy

You may buy us a bike/scooter of a specific model and it will cost one lakh taka. It is risk free since bBike Ltd company will be responsible for providing complete security of your bike/ scooter such as, theft, damage to equipment, unintentional accidents. The company also has a strong working team and digital security system.

First policy

Investors may provide 1 lakh taka, so that the company can buy a bike/scooter. From the whole profit of the amount of a single bike/scooter, the investors will get 2000 taka per month rent. It works without the ownership of investors. This contract will also hold for 3 years and you will get the rent within the first week of each month. After the end of the contract, the company will give back to investors the 1 lakh taka or they can re-contract.


  • Monthly rent is 1250 taka.
    (36 months * 1250 Tk= 45,000 TK)
  • Get 1 Lac Taka back after 36 months.

You will get your monthly rent within 1 to 10 day of every month.

Second policy

You can buy bBike Ltd a bike/scooter by registered it in your own possession. In that case, bBike Ltd will provide you 2500 taka per month rent from the whole profit a single bike/scooter gives. The term of the contract will remain alive for 3 years. You can expect to get the monthly rent within the first week of each month. At the end of the period, you can either take your bike/scooter or re-contract.


  • Monthly rent is 2500 taka.
  • Bike/scooter will be returned at the end of the mentioned period.

You will get your monthly rent within 1 to 10 day of every month.

Your one investment of a bike will help others to afford their daily life.

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Our contribution

Our objective is to manage this App, based on rental bike/scooter service from some people in certain way, through which the peple can be benefited.


Opportunity of rendering employment for thousands of unemployed youths.


The government will get tax from this company and it will bring development for a better future.

Easy travel

General people will easily get traffic free and safe service.


All of the customers and the employees associated with bBike will be benefited.

How it started?

bBike is an App based on rental bike service which was started its journey on December 16, 2020 in Cox’s Bazar.

Through bBike Ltd, we are the first young entrepreneurs and bringing the first rental platform to launch this service in Bangladesh.

Alhamdulillah, this service has received a great response in Cox’s Bazar and Dhaka in a short time. So, we invite more investors of bikes/ scooters to be connected to this service fulfilling the demands of customers. We want to involve some small and medium scale investors with us without taking any bank loans. As a result, some people can rent a bike for 1 lakh taka from his little capital on bBike to earn an extra income monthly. It will also be a good arrangement for some unemployed youths.